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Sunday, April 16, 2006

me, spike the calf and darwin


Lord of the Barnyard said...

that's the best picture of darwin ever. he looks as perfectly unsmart as he is.
spike looks like the thing he would most like is to run away from your lap.

what, you came home and decided it would be a good time to start another blog? and who told you how to spell wotokahan?

sailfish said...

first, i must agree darwin is quite the photogenic pup--in this shot, anyway. and you know spike loves me more than hot chocolate with fluffy marshmallows on a cold snowy night.

second...don't even worry. i'll post to this blog for a little while and will then forget i even have it. just like my other one.

as for wotokahan, well, i just had to google it over and over again with different spellings. i finally got it.

Anonymous said...

So you aren't smart and look at Drew's blog, its written like 5 times.

sailfish said...

obviously at that point i hadn't found drew's blog yet!!!

Anonymous said...

Becky, who are your cute friends? I love cows. Got some great pictures of some in England.

I will be checking into your blog frequently.

Thanks for the invitation to check it out.

Shirley Lieb