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Sunday, April 16, 2006

back from spring break

well...i had wanted to help out some friends and use their timeshare in puerto vallarta but the time frame didn't end up working out...so i went to fredericktown, ohio. it's a little northeast of columbus. my dad's brother and his family live there on a farm--organic beef. my aunt's brother and his family run the place and it's called "wotokahan farm." it was cool but i got a cold on thursday. that sucked. it's the first time i've been sick all year. but other than that i had a really great time. from attempting to fix a barn (of which i know nothing about) to helping a calf find its mother, to placing steel i-beams very carefully so that the backhoe my uncle was trying to drive out of the barn didn't fall the rest of the way through the barn floor, i had varying fun things to occupy my time. my birthday was on the monday of this past week (10th) and although it wasn't quite the bash i had last year, it was still fun. anyway, we still celebrated my birthday at the local mexican joint. i think my aunt casually mentioned that we were celebrating my birthday and after we finished eating the waiters started banging their little bill wallets together LOUDLY and singing some mexican something-or-another. marcia and i jumped but i didn't notice anyone else freak out too bad. i did get to wear a sombrero that must have weighed fifteen pounds. i've got to get ready to go to school tomorrow. ugh. too bad it's storming outside and i'm not unloading my car until sometime later than now!

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