i would rather sail than do anything.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

backhoe through barn floor--but here somewhat supported by the i-beams


Eileen said...

Hey, what they hey is this deal? Anyhoo. It was cool to see your pics and smilling cutie pie kisser. Looking forward to ann & R getting here. Will def go to airport to properly greet them. Kristie seemed amenable to them helping us with some stuff to develop a program using info & ideas from the books Ann gave us. That's exciting. I know they would like to do that. More crap with the Dado deal. It appears that he did submit the payment request for the support for our boy at the home we are helping. Meaning they did not get what was promised from Jan on. I am going to torture that #))++@3^::~~~~~jerk when I get ahold of him.


B & E

sailfish said...

hey eileen...

i'm glad you're going to the airport to meet up with ann & rachel. they'll love it if you come! and i'm glad kristie is down with the boys home thing. i'll email ya.