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Friday, April 28, 2006

mexican food...

mexican food made by mexicans is far better than mexican food made by americans. (white americans.) prolly white republican americans. (inside joke.) there's a new mexican place by my apt. i went to with my rents tonight 4 dinner. my mom ordered a black bean burrito and the thing had three black beans in it. the salsa labeled "mild" was mild. the salsa labeled "medium" was mild. the salsa labeled "hot" was...you guessed it...mild. the chips were on the stale side and i cannot begin to tell you how absolutely flavorless the food was! wow. santiago's in porter kicks this "desert moon" place's butt. yeah.

well, i have to be up tomorrow bright and early (on a saturday, mind you) to go to a 4th grade science STC curriculum workshop at medill in chicago. woo woo. it's like a regular school day! i hafta be there at 8:30 and it's over at 2:45. sigh. and the workshop on monday--i was wrong. it's not after school, it's DURING school! good grief. maybe next weekend will be funner.

this picture, by the way, i took while in podstrana, croatia last summer on vacation. (near split.) the adriatic is beautiful.

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