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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

how can they be anything but?

i guess hezbollah (meaning "party of allah") is really evil after all. i had been trying to decide what i thought about them because they do provide good support to their people, like hamas. from what i gather hezbollah is not yet a political party-but they are trying-and hamas is. both organizations provide for their people better than the U.S. does for our people. they provide the necessities including health insurance and everyday-important stuff. their "welfare" system seems to work far better than ours. however, they cower behind their people and use them as shields. if we were a part of their organization, they might use our houses/backyards to set off katyushas from. and consequently, we might get bombed because of them. i mean, look at their flag. is there really anything good about an ak-47 above the earth? what the heck is that? man, i wish i could get a "PRESS" flack jacket, a white suv and get over there....

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