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Monday, May 01, 2006

the dan ryan...

not to mention the express lanes are no longer and there are only three lanes open now instead of six in each direction...but they took out the right-hand lane this morning doing none other than CHANGING LIGHT BULBS in street lights. bringing down to TWO lanes what used to be SIX. can you even believe that? but that's chicago. crappy rainy full-of-traffic chicago. i had to go downtown again today for more training at medill. i went to learn how to make a "technology plan." without a tech plan, a school cannot apply for any grants--federal or state. so now i bet i'll be going to grant-writing seminars now too. oh joy.

see all this junk? this construction junk? i should be DRIVING right there! going 70 mph. not 10. over here. in the locals.

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