i would rather sail than do anything.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


helen is a neighbor of mine. there are two widows who live in my apt building and helen is one of them. she is pictured here with her boyfriend ernie. helen lost her husband quite some time ago and ernie lost his wife an equally long time ago. ernie lives about 30 minutes away from here and they only get to see each other about twice a week.

anyway, helen and i hung out on sunday. we had a blast. we went to the gym and she really liked it. then we went through the bk drive thru for frozen cokes. then we went up to the beach and drove around the dunes. helen has lived in the area almost her whole life. and has never been to the dunes. ever. i was SHOCKED. but she loved it. so it was good.

this is a picture of helen's surprise birthday party last year. her birthday is in july but my impact group went down and threw her a surprise party in october. boy was she surprised! ernie helped me pull it off.

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