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Monday, August 28, 2006

hi moussa!

our parking lot at the courts today was a LAKE. another reason to have a TRUCK or other suv to drive to work. besides that, it had better be a truck pullin a boat! here's a pic of me and mark working on the bathroom floors. i did trim stuff and he rolled. then nikki, his daughter, and i would throw these chips/flakes on the floor. it was fun. even the chip fight. the pic mark took of me and nikki is gone. don't think he saved it. bum. oh yeah, and mark is very FUZZY.

oh, and welcome, moussa! moussa is a friend of my parent's who is visiting from burkina faso, africa. he runs several schools and churches there. they got their doctorates together at TIU. he'll be here about a month. have fun and get lots done!

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Anonymous said...

i love that name. moussa. at first, i read the title, and then saw the picture of you and mark, and thought you misspelled "massa" (hahaha)