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Sunday, August 13, 2006

wanna drive a dozer

and if i'm lucky i will. i'd LOVE to drive a bulldozer! how fun! and all i can picture is the little ant driving a bulldozer in richard scarry's children's books. anyone else remember that? that's a serious blast from the past.

anyway, i'm dealing with a low-rider toyota camry driving on a construction site daily. so far it's not unbearable but i think i'll bottom out soon if these piles of stuff keep appearing out of nowhere. i also went up on a sizzor lift with mark and shane. mark is the guy i'm working for. he's the one on the left. anyway, that was fun but i didn't like how that thing swayed. they hung light fixtures up in the rafters. and with the thing being so high and wiggly, it was weird. anyway, the front entrance has had progress (doors!) and there are now walls in the office area! oh, and you gotta watch out when certain people have the power sprayer.

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