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Thursday, August 03, 2006

i have a job!

nuff about the war. i have a new job! i'm going to be working for my friend who is building a gym. not really a "gym" but courts. 4 basketball and 3 tennis courts. actually, the place is called "the courts." i'm currently working on getting the concessions together, (we'll be using U.S. foodservice), figuring out what all we need like menu signs, general signs, trash cans, entry mats to wipe your feet on, arcade games, etc. the gym is supposed to open for valpo's big "popcorn festival" weekend. hope we make it!

before i start working full-time, (i'm just keeping track of my time here at home since there's no office for me to work in yet...) i'd like to go to the U.P. of michigan first. so after that, if i end up going, i'll be all about the courts. i'd like to get to ohio to visit my family there too. we'll see.


Lord of the Barnyard said...

your family in ohio offers you food as enticement.
cooked of course, not by me.

Anonymous said...

Becky, Shirley here. Glad you got a job. For sure more fun than what you were doing last year. Let me know how it goes.

sailfish said...


food as enticement? sounds good to me. we'll see. tell aunt nancy happy birthday! i think it's monday. i'll call ya if i'm coming.

sailfish said...

hi shirley! and by the way, what are your views (and david's) on this new war? is that something that can be summarized pretty quick? prolly not. but anyway, i'd love to see your new digs! has my mom been over yet? okay. see ya!