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Saturday, August 05, 2006

i won't be making it to cedar this summer :(

okay. so i have a new job. and i'm glad for that. seriously. but in order to get this gym up and in operation by the weekend that is advertised for the first tournament, free throw contests and 3-point stuff, i can't go anywhere, really. besides that i have to get another MRI on my right rotator cuff (and might have to squeeze in surgery) and i have to make a dvd for my church before next sunday. that said, i don't believe i'll make it to one of my favorite places this summer--cedar campus. i'll post a few pics from this awesome place. and pretend i'm there. you can do the same. (unless you ARE there and i'm insanely JEALOUS!) wink wink. but maybe i'll go this fall or something. for a long weekend maybe. ahh, who knows.

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