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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

yukki day

it dragged on. and on.

i was sposed to meet some guys at the gym this morning (at 9) to go over things we're ordering for the foodservice stuff. the concessions stand. one guy ended up canceling--AFTER i was already there. so the other guy called me and i drove back down to valpo to meet him at bob evans. we agreed on some stuff and he ordered it. that was good.

everything else was bad. found out this guy eric was right about me having to take some dumb class. it's called "serve safe" and i heard it's totally gross and disgusting. (in order to have our concessions stand valid and in good standing.) the day dragged some more. all the building's doors were shut when i finally DID make it in today--but the smell and air quality was awful. guys were cutting the ceiling tile and there was some kind of fine dust EVERYWHERE. it almost hurt to breathe.

bad news all day. another bit of not-the-greatest-news was that the health dept. is trying to say that we have to have a three-sink thing in our little "kitchen." AS IF!!!!! we're not a freaking restaurant! or a camp! we are not washing any dishes because we are using disposable everything! the few utensils we use can be washed in the sink that will be there. but there's no need to do the three-sink-thing. that is TOTALLY unnecessary.

bad news kept coming. some i won't even go into detail about. would take way too long to explain.

and then BROWN showed up. in all his glory. and gave us TWO of THREE packages and drove off. and yes, before i realized we were missing one. i tracked him down through the westville office and after a LONG while, found out that our poor lone parcel had been delivered to some chrysler/jeep dealership on route 30. WHAT IS THAT? anyway, after numerous phone calls, i got the guy to agree to deliver it yet today. he last spoke with me at 5-something to make sure we were still there on-site. when i left at 6:15ish, he had not come yet. oh well. BROWN is becoming a TARNISHED color.

had a cookout with mom, dad, and moussa, and that was good. now i'm going to bed--and THAT will also be good.

hope tomorrow's better.

here's a pic of the little zamboni-type machine i drove all afternoon yesterday to try to clean the tennis surface so it could be sealed today. every time i emptied the dirty water tank, i could definitely tell i had been cleaning a blacktop surface. hopefully it was cleaned sufficiently.

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