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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


here is a pic of my dinner last nite. it was WONDERFUL. i'll have to go back and get more. this is SO the funnest time of year--with all the fresh produce everywhere.

oh, and here's also a pic of the gym today. there's fresh concrete outside the main entrance. and something that is actually starting to look like a main entrance. mark asked me today what color it should be and i asked him what color the main part of the building would be. he said tan. "what color is that stripe gonna be?" i asked. (there's a stripe going all the way around the bulding nearish the top. see it???) he answered, "dark blue." so i told him the block marking the entrance should then be that same blue. he replied, "WHAT? WHEN THE ROOF IS GONNA BE BLUE TOO?" i was like, wow. hey dude! you asked! who knows. maybe it should be fuchsia. or chartreuse. or maybe just tangerine and peach paisley striped.


Krazy Karl said...

Ahh, I envy you. Fresh corn and produce. Although I did get fresh peaches here in GA last month as well as blueberries, so I wasn't left out. Oh, yeah, and in a month or so apples! But fresh corn, that, and homegrown tomatoes... one of only two things that money can't buy. (True love and homegrown tomatoes)

sailfish said...

too true. this indiana sweet corn just melts in your mouth. apples sound good too. we have a little county orchard out here that will get hoppin with business pretty soon. their biggest sales, tho, are in pumpkins and the maze in the maize. (mostly field trips.)