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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

23 school days left

do you see a pattern here? anyway, kids are awesome. i love my kids. this pic is of kids from my last school--i miss my old students. i like my new students too, though. well-most of them.

i found out recently that i am now expected to go to a two-day seminar next weekend. (may 20-21) that's a saturday-sunday! i have to be at a seminar ALL WEEKEND?!?!?! wow. unbelievable. it's learning about LRE--least restrictive environment. i will have no weekend. i am somewhat sick at the thought. sigh. my only comfort in this is that it is in oakbrook, and if you know my shopping habits, this bodes well with me. i have it all planned out. after my workshops on saturday, i'll start shopping at nordstrom (shoe section) and will make my way around to stir crazy for dinner. in case you don't know, that's where you pile as many veggies as possible in a bowl and some guy who likes fire will stir fry that stuff with any meat and sauce of your choice. i always get it with chicken. mmm. yummy.

speaking of yummy...apparently when i came home from school today amidst mid-munch of a mini twix, i fell asleep. yeah, i was surprised too. but i've got chocolate all over my pillow, my sheets, and me. i must be in need of summer break worse than i thought.

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