i would rather sail than do anything.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

the irony of it all

i have to drive into the yuckiest parts of chicago every day, let me just tell you! the irony of it all is that i drive by a sweet bunch of BEAUTIFUL sailboats. and this is the time of year they're all being floated. out of storage, into the water. i finally stopped by the yacht yard today for the first time. man, everything and ANYTHING you could ever need to sail. (and the prices to go with it!) sigh. i would much rather spend my days there than a mile from there. (at my school.) but even better, would to be in the middle of the lake away from stupid people. on a sweet boat. chillin. again, SIGH. here's a pic of one i saw them getting ready today. semis come in all the time with new boats and huge masts. wish one of them were mine.

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