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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


so tonite i helped my friend organize her garage a little. she just bought a house quite close to lake michigan last fall and it's really awesome. she's the one who's adopting a baby from china and she and some other friends are having a garage sale as a fundraiser in a few weeks. in order to have a GARAGE sale, one must have GARAGE space. (our other friends are adopting from guatemala.) so anyway, we're getting ready for the garage sale.

about the title...there are a lot of tools in this world that i don't know the names of. some i know but can't remember. (forgive me, my brain fails me at 31.) anyhoo, the biters are those green clampy things to the left of deb. i come up with names better than what they've originally been given. anyone agree?


Vandugen said...

am getting what you mean! those clutters that usually add the biggest space (and they're not even supposed to be there!) Good luck on the garage sale! :)


sailfish said...

yeah, it's easy to clean up where everything has a place to go. let the clutter BEGONE!