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Monday, May 22, 2006

garage sale fundraiser

well, saturday was a crazy day. the first garage sale fundraiser is over. the 3 items below this entry are still for sale to a good home. any reasonable offer will be considered. there is also a six-year-old gas forced-air furnace. my two friends scott and heidi are adopting from guatemala and my friend deb is adopting from asia. we are trying to raise support for the babies to be brought home. currently scott and heidi's son and deb's daughter are in orphanages. the sooner they can get to the U.S. the better. please consider donating whether you purchase an item or not. it's for an EXCELLENT cause! the next garage sale is friday & saturday, june 16th and 17th. leave a comment if you want more info. pictured here is heidi and sadie the dog. scott is pictured 5 entries below holding carter, their other son.

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