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Sunday, May 14, 2006

scott & carter

worked all day saturday gathering large garage sale items for a garage sale fundraiser. my friends scott and heidi and another friend deb are all adopting internationally this summer. we were up till 11pm moving a HUGE air tank, a MONSTROUS cast iron woodstove, a furnace, steel shelving, a sweet leather la-z-boy, large and small furniture, electronics, etc. (oh yeah...and mostly in the rain.) we ended up calling a bunch of people kinda last minute because of the eight kajillion pound woodstove. the thing is seriously huge. funny thing about us being up till 11 on a saturday night and me STARTING to call folks around 9:30...two of the people i called to help are pastors at my church. oops. but they agreed to come and help. they rock. but i guess scott kind of had to because he's the one who is adopting from guatemala. anyway, here's a picture of scott and carter. carter's the man. he's about two months old and i'm babysitting him in a couple weeks!

if you think of it, pray for elijah and brynn. they'll be having a huge transition in their lives coming up soon. they are currently in orphanages in their respective countries.

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