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Monday, May 08, 2006

how much ketchup?

i grabbed something to eat at mcdonald's on my way home from school today. one of the girls from the youth group was working. i asked for some ketchup and she gave me some, smiling. i grinned back at her. i knew she was up to something. thirty-nine packets is what she was up to. as i pulled away we were both laughing.

i laughed partly because i know in croatia, you have to pay an extra 20 lipa for each packet of ketchup you want. i always get annoyed over there because i don't feel you should have to pay extra for what you're entitled to! i'm a lover of ketchup and end up spending my bus fare back to my pansion on the stuff. i usually have to go back to an atm before i head to the bus stop. but now, i feel justified. the good ol' united states. free ketchup at mcdonald's rocks.

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Tricia said...

Hey Hey howz it goin? I just wanted you to know that I dont normaly comment but I always read your blogs and its very fun cause I get to know whats going on in your life and such. So thats cool. You really should get a myspace its so fun and you know tons of people on there so come on and join. Ok well I shall see ya!