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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


church got broken into again. there is a little bench that sits outside of door "D" that someone decided to throw into the bookstore window to try to get to the cash registers. i suppose the poor idiots didn't realize that the money from the registers is kept elsewhere...like the BANK! hardly any money even as change is kept around. the change that we DO keep around is kept inside a SAFE in a HIDDEN CLOSET nowhere NEAR the bookstore itself.

there WAS one funny thing about it though. (if you are a seinfeld fan, i don't mean "ha ha" funny but "peculiar" funny.) becky fox and i had gone to dinner sunday nite in michigan city after the da vinci simulcast at church. we came back to the church parking lot after 10:30 and surprised a yellow mustang that probably hadn't planned on running into anyone that time of night. the other "funny" thing was that just after i dropped fox off to get into her car, the parking lot lights timed out. i believe that yellow mustang knew that the lights were about to go off. fox and i both left the parking lot right behind the yellow mustang. i watched the yellow mustang pull into the driveway of the house just south of church. i suddenly realized they were probably just waiting for us to leave. i whipped around in the corner store parking lot and flew back to the church parking lot but went in the north entrance--out of sight of the mustang. i sat with my headlights off in the WAY back of the parking lot hidden behind the vans to see if the mustang came back in. i sat for about ten minutes in the dark waiting to sneak attack the maniacal yellow mustang villains.

they never came back into the parking lot but after about ten minutes when i finally left and went south on calumet ave, i noticed they were still sitting in the driveway of the same house--headlights on, car running. i suppose i may have scared them off for that night--as they may have been thinking a sunday night would be a good time to steal from the church bookstore since there was a lot of business done sunday morning. however, had i known there would be a burglary (or attempted burglary and definite vandalism) on another night this same week, i would have sneaked through the woods to get the license number--from the driveway they sat in. people always ask me, "what would you do if/when you do catch stupid and possibly dangerous people?" i actually have no idea. guess it depends how many there are. i could definitely take on ONE. but i would have called the cops before i actually moved in. that way i would have known i'd have backup. eventually.


Anonymous said...

it is not a good idea to put this photo AND the info about where the church safe is together on this site

sailfish said...

good call. i changed some things.

sailfish said...

oh yeah...that info was added because i wanted it to be known exactly how hard it would be to get to the cash anyway.