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Sunday, May 07, 2006

flowers for mom

i guess i should be getting ready for church right now but seriously...what do you really need to do to get ready? i mean, maybe i should jump in the shower again and de-funk my hair. (i took a shower last nite before i went to bed and going to bed with wet hair means when you wake up, it's wack-a-doodle.) point is, i'll just pull it back to a ponytail and hope no one can really tell.

i'm not usually a night-showerer but after yesterday, i had to. you see, i ended up doing a bunch of yard work at my parents' house and when i came home, i had grass clippings everywhere, grease on parts of me, etc. not only that, but i was cutting the grass up until the last little bit of sunlight was gone. i guess it was a good thing that the grass was so long. it's easier to cut grass after dark if you can see a distinct difference between what was already mowed and what needs to be mowed.

anyway part of what i was doing was dropping off a couple of baskets of some nice hanging flowers for my mom--early mother's day gift. and then i also ended up putting out the deck furniture and scrubbing it all down. got out the grill, cleaned out the shed, cut the grass, etc. so that's why i took a shower right before bed last night, woke up this morning having an obvious don king hair day, and should therefore be putting more effort into getting ready for church. ah well, God loves don king too.

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