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Thursday, May 18, 2006

how to make french fries

the only reason i'm awake right now although i went to bed at about 7pm tonight, is because my cell phone rang and rang and rang. somehow in a sleepy stupor i dropped it in the kleenex box by my bed and then had great difficulty getting it out. by the time i was awake enuf to realize my cell phone was ringing and it wasn't my remote, it was too late.

so here i am.

i had wanted to get together with a friend last night on the north side but i'm realizing it's good that i didn't. when i was out on my family's farm during spring break, my true cousins were not really around. brad is working on his Ph.D. at oxford--yes, the real one in england--and danica is a teacher too and was only able to come out for the weekend. besides hanging out with my aunt and uncle, i spent time with drew, brad and danica's cousin. (my faux.) but from now on he's just my cousin too. easier. anyway, he lives on the farm as well. he's got a potato gun and i had never been taught before how to make FRIES with the thing. turns out all you have to do is shoot the potato at a corn crib! and voila. french fries.

i was up quite late last night grading papers and entering grades. progress reports were due. ugh. so now that i've farted around online, i'm goin back to bed. so little sleep last nite...grr

hope u made it home safe, drew. give my spike hugs and kisses! xoxo


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